About Us

Support Companionship is a time tested method for helping people, who are struggling in their lives. Support Companions provide in-home support to adults, adolescents, families, the elderly, children, and service providers, when the support is needed!

Adults – Children – Adolescents – Elderly – Families

Chuck and Cara Kanner, and Dave Forestier have been caring for struggling families, teens and young adults for over 25 years. They are educators, companions, life coaches and interventionists. Dave has been a sober companion for over 15 years, and is the former director of residential services at Sarasota Community School. Cara is a clinical Speech Language Pathologist and has over 25 years of clinical experience with adolescence and adults. She is a co-founder of The Farm School and Sarasota Community School. Chuck was the Executive Director and co-founder of the revolutionary educational process at The Farm School, and Sarasota Community School, and has since dedicated his time to going to where the struggles are happening.

We have wonderful people around the country, trained and insured, to be with you when you need support. Your companion will become a friend. A good friend that will be honest and clear, and expect the same from you. A companion that will accept you for you, and say NO whenever it’s appropriate. –Chuck Kanner

Please call today. The consultation is confidential and free. 800-322-1100