There is no question Chuck saved my kids life. His love and commitment is limitless. He did for Jake, what three schools and endless therapists and medications couldn’t. – Anne Trillitch

In my 10 years of knowing Mr. Kanner, I am always impressed with his intense dedication to parents and students receiving exactly what they need to move forward in their educational progress. He is always willing to go “the extra mile” to those he has committed to help.

In my 28 years as a therapist, I have not met anyone who has made more of an impact on people’s lives. Hundreds of children and adolescents credit Mr. Kanner for making a huge difference in their educational future and emotional well-being.
I recommend Mr. Kanner without reservation. I would trust my own children to him.
Respectfully Submitted, – Bruce A. Robertson, M.S., L.M.H.C.

O2 Support is my first call for transport and sober assistance. As an interventionist, I need to surround myself by the best people and programs.O2 coaches are always friendly and professional. “I have had the opportunity to utilize O2 to assist a mutual client. Dave and Chuck were absolutely a pleasure to work with; they were professional, swift in response, and mostly I was impressed with how thorough and thoughtful they were. They truly cared about the welfare of our client and made a concerted effort to understand the needs of the client, communicating openly and honestly with our staff to get the best outcomes. I look forward to the opportunity to refer again. – Woody Giessmann/ LADC-I, CADAC, BRI-II

I truly believe that if it had not been for you my son could have died. You guided me, you taught me and gave me the courage to stand up and treat my son as an addict. As you said I was loving him to death. I could have never gotten him on that plane without you. And now he has been in treatment for almost two months.- Judy I.