Sober Companion Link

The CompanionLink was established to give individuals, professionals, parents, service providers, and mental health professional a secure confidential method of randomly testing and monitoring people needing highly structured support. All result are confidential and owned by the client. We only report to our client, unless asked to provide reports to a third party.

Our services are secure and confidential, and directed to client support and health. Our only concern is you, and the professionals you have trusted with your care. Our abilities range from GPS monitoring, to testing for unhealthy substances.

CompanionLink is the best and only handheld Breathalyzer to wirelessly report a person’s blood alcohol content. The DOT certified breathalyzer features a built in camera and uses wireless technology to send the subject’s BAC, photograph, and time of report to a secure web portal with unlimited cloud storage for remote access. CompanionLink monitors location, sobriety and safety – anytime, anywhere.